School Stories

Schools in Bristol are committed to creating healthy environments for their pupils and have been working towards improvements in health and wellbeing for many years. helps a lot in this, because the first thing to remember is the availability of information and its comprehensibility to the audience. Schools can promote health in a range of different ways as is demonstrated by the varied and exciting case stories published here.
This page is a place where good practice can be shared, so we would love to hear your success stories. If you need some help, this template may help. Please ensure that you have permission to use any photos, quotes etc.
If it’s inspiration you want, take a look at some of our existing case stories:

  • Summerhill
  • St Werberghs
  • Shirehampton Primary School
  • Hareclive
  • Briarwood
  • Brentry
  • Summerhill Infant School (2011)
  • Summerhill Junior School (2011)