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Public Health Directorate
NHS Bristol
South Plaza
Marlborough Street Bristol BS1 3NX




Gill Brookman – Healthy Schools Programme Manager

Gill Brookman is the Programme Manager for Bristol Healthy Schools. Although most queries should go to the Bristol Healthy Schools administrators in the first instance, Gill is the colleague to speak to on strategic matters, team management, Bristol Healthy Schools publicity and promotion and integration with colleagues and programmes within the NHS and Bristol City Council.
Gill, as Programme Manager, has overall responsibility for the Bristol Healthy Schools Programme.

Sonia Goddard, Assistant Healthy Schools Programme Coordinator

Carol Watson, Assistant Healthy Schools Programme Coordinator

Sonia and Carol are the faces of Bristol Healthy Schools, and will usually be found working hands-on with teachers on-site at schools, providing advice and training and occasionally a bit of comfort and coaching as well! In addition to providing extensive expertise and support to schools, Sonia and Carol also have a good deal of input into formulating Bristol Healthy Schools strategy and approach in order to ensure that good practice and theory underpins the support we provide to schools.

Rachel Cooke – Food In Schools Co-ordinator

Rachel is the colleague to contact regarding food in schools, and matters related to diet. Rachel can also generally be found on-site at schools, but also provides remote advice and support from the office on all matters ‘food’.

Morgan Daly – Healthy Schools Administrator

Ruth Thomas – Healthy Schools Administrator

Ruth and Morgan will often be your first point of call for information or queries regarding Bristol Healthy Schools. Although we have slightly different responsibilities within the team, we are both willing and able to answer any questions you may have. We also provide a conduit for information, queries or requests for advice to be passed to other team members for response. 

You can also contact Morgan if you have queries or comments about the website

Julie Coulthard – Drugs Consultant and PSHE Advisor

Julie is our consultant in Personal, Social and Health Education, and specialises in drugs education and advice. Julie works closely within the Healthy Schools Team to ensure that policy decisions and advice given to schools is up-to-date and accurate. Julie also provides some crossover between NHS Bristol and Bristol City Council within the fields of PSHE and drug education.

Neil Davidson – SRE Consultant

Neil is our Sexual and Relationships Education consultant, providing expert advice on SRE in schools. Neil’s input into Healthy Schools work ensures that our advice and practice in regards to SRE is always up-to-date and accurate. Like Julie, Neil provides some crossover between NHS Bristol and Bristol City Council within the field of SRE.

Nikki Lawrence – SRE Advisor

Lorraine McMullen - SRE Advisor

Nikki and Lorraine are trained nurses who support the School Nurse team to improve their input into the Bristol teenage pregnancy action plan. This includes ensuring that School Health Nurses are appropriately equipped and supported to promote the sexual health of school aged children and that they receive the necessary training to be able to respond effectively to the sexual health needs of young people.
They also provide a link between the School Health Service and other sexual health provisions in Bristol which includes 4YP badged services, the chlamydia screening programme and Brook.
They also support the delivery of sex and relationship education (SRE) in schools by offering expert advice and ensuring links are made between the SRE programme and health service support available to young people in education. Links are also being made between the School Health Nursing team and locality teams so that young people identified as being at risk of being sexually unhealthy may receive appropriate support and interventions.

Catherine Waithe – Community Development Worker

Catherine leads on working with Black and Minority Ethnic young people in schools and participation in affiliate programs like Catherine’s work has an early intervention focus, to help develop emotional wellbeing, build resilience and tackle underachievement.  Catherine’s work often utilises African and Caribbean stories to develop emotional well-being and creativity in children of African and Caribbean backgrounds.

Vicky Norman – ASSIST Co-ordinator

Vicky is the colleague to contact regarding stop smoking programmes and related information.Vicky can also be contacted with any queries or comments regarding the website 


Bronwyn O’Haire - Public Health Nurse (Healthy Weight)

Claire Wilson - Public Health Nurse (Healthy Weight)

Bronwyn and Claire support the Bristol Healthy Schools Plus programme on all areas of Healthy Weight.